Training on HTML5/CSS3 in Calicut

For developing any kind of Web-page you first need to learn HTML. For creating better user experience, you need to learn CSS & to make web page interactive, you need to learn JavaScript. HTML and CSS are the heart of the web. HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language. CSS stands for ‘Cascading Style Sheets’ and is the language of design for web pages, giving site designers the ability to suggest how their site documents are styled. The essentials of HTML and CSS are not hard to learn. We've developed a unique course that starts from the beginning and focuses exclusively on modern web coding techniques.By the end of this class, we guarantee that you'll be comfortable writing HTML and doing simple styling with CSS.

HTML5 comes up with an improved interoperability, provides better presentation with CSS3 & very well adept at developing an online and offline web applications with an ease. With optimized performance ability this cutting edge technology is rapidly raising in the preferences charts of reputed web development & designing companies.

As a finest HTML5 training institute, we stand distinguished in a crowd with our well crafted & systematic HTML5 training. This course will walk you through the major components of building HTML5 applications. It will talk about how to take standard HTML5 development techniques, and use them to create high performance applications. Besides learn everything about the new semantics and to leverage the new JavaScript API.

Features of the course:

The course has been designed so that the aspirants learn the art in a fun and learn way. All the modules of the course have a major focus on practicals and hands- on training. The teaching methodology is such that it becomes easy for the students to grasp it and right away begin with creating HTML 5 web applications once they are finished with the course and related assessments.

Advantages of HTML5 and CSS3

1. Cost effective Multi-Platform Development

2. Good page ranking

3. Offline browsing

4. Consistency across multiple browsers

5. Better mobile access to Business Intelligence

6. Extension of video to a wide range of platforms

7. Geolocation

8. A better user experience

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